Who can participate?

Participation is open to all students currently enrolled in Northeastern Music Programs. Participation is optional. Any past due tuition balances must be paid in full for your child to participate.


**Students may only participate in ONE ensemble.**


How can my child participate?

Your child’s music teacher has already shared music with your child. Participation is optional, but highly encouraged. It is expected that students will practice their parts to the best of their ability before submitting a video. Follow the steps outlined below.


Determine which group is appropriate for your child

Group eligibility is based upon 2 factors: experience level and instrument.


  • First year (beginning) band students will join the Cadet Band.
  • Advanced band students (at least one year playing a band instrument) will join the Honor Band.
  • All strings will join the Honor Strings.


Practice with play-along video

Play-along videos have been provided for each instrument in each ensemble. It is extremely important that students practice with the correct video many times before attempting to record themselves. Their goal is to match what they are playing with what they hear. Students will need to practice the music slowly and steady without the video first. The music is fast and will be challenging. It is supposed to be! It does not need to be perfect… but a good, honest effort is expected.


Make a video recording of your student

Once your child has put in quality practice time to prepare, make a video recording of your child playing their part. This will take more than one attempt. In fact, it will likely take many. That is ok! You will need a laptop/large tablet, a set of head phones, and a recording device (phone) in order to make the recording. Detailed verbal instructions are included in the play-along video with visual cues. In order to sync the many videos we will receive, it is crucial that you use the play-along video and follow instructions explicitly. Any video submission that does not follow the given instructions will not be included in the final performance video.


Submit the final video via the online form

Once you have a final recording, complete the online form and upload your video to submit.


**A Google account is required to submit a video.**


What is the deadline to submit?

All videos must be received no later than Friday, March 26 at 11:59pm. Videos that are submitted after this time may not be included in the final performance.