Northeastern Music Programs has had many conversations with various principals, Diocese officials, teachers, and customers over the past several months regarding schools reopening. While all parties have been overwhelmingly supportive of maintaining an instrumental music program in our member schools, there have been some questions about how we can logistically conduct our traditional instrument music program and adjust to the realities of a modified classroom, specifically cohorts.

After careful consideration for the safety of students and teachers as well as our ability to equitably continue to provide instrumental music in your schools,  Northeastern Music Programs has decided to initially shift to a 100% online, after school program to start the upcoming school year. We have deliberated this possibility for months hoping that the summer would show a drastic improvement in public health and provide more clarity on how to open schools as safely and effectively as possible. However, seeing the direction of the current health crisis plus the uncertainty and anxiety of reopening schools, coupled with the fact that many of our teachers teach across multiple counties and/or states every week, we (and some of our principals) strongly believe that the best way we can begin  the instrumental program safely and consistently this year is through an online format.

Our company plans to re-evaluate this model at the end of October and will continue to re-evaluate monthly as the situation dictates. Our goal is to safely return to face-to-face lessons during the school day as soon as possible.

Although these unprecedented times are creating many obstacles and uncertainties for education, we see these challenges as an opportunity for your child! Never has it been more important to get involved with music and learn a musical instrument. Music is social. Music is emotional. The intersection between arts education and social-emotional learning is undeniable, and in a time where our students need social interaction and emotional care, music study can provide a healthy outlet for your child (in the safety of your own home!).

Since large group band rehearsals are not feasible, we have created a Developing Musicians Series to supplement our virtual program. The Developing Musicians Series will be a collection of instrument masterclasses and musical workshops designed to help students improve the fundamentals of their playing, learn about music technology, composition, music theory (and other musical interests) and expose our students to aspects of music that are not always possible in our traditional lesson format. Each masterclass or workshop will be a webcast posted to the Northeastern Music Programs website when available. In short, our virtual program will present students with opportunities that have never been previously offered! Although we would prefer to see our students in person each week, we are excited to explore new resources and provide unique learning opportunities that would not be possible in the traditional model. We are confident that our program will continue, uninterrupted, during this time.

To stay informed on any changes or other program information, please join us on our new Northeastern Music Programs Facebook page.

We appreciate the investment that you have made to your child’s music education. Thank you for supporting the arts and recognizing the value music in your child’s life! Now, more than ever, is the time to encourage students to pick up their instrument and continue making music. Join us in 2020 for an unforgettable school year.