Safe Environment Training

Part 1: Protecting God’s Children

Protecting God’s Children for Adults is training conducted by VIRTUS certified facilitators on the prevention of child sexual abuse. The training makes participants aware of the signs of child sexual abuse, the methods and means by which offenders commit abuse, and five easy steps one can use to prevent child sexual abuse. Two videos are the centerpiece of the training: A Time to Protect God’s Children and A Plan to Protect God’s Children. The facilitators incorporate policies and procedures into the training defining child sexual abuse, addressing the reporting of child sexual abuse, the screening and selection of employees and volunteers, and victim advocacy.

All teachers must register for and attend the in-person training prior to employment. There are many training opportunities in the region. Click on the link above to register with the Office for Child and Youth Protection Training Institute. Choose “Training Selection” from the main menu and choose On-Site Trainings to find and register for Safe Environment Part 1: Protecting God’s Children. When registering for training, choose “Northeastern Music Programs” from the dropdown menu for your place of service.