Benefits of a Music Program at Your School

Adding a quality music program to your school’s curriculum can enhance the offerings of your already successful academic program, and can be done with nominal cost to the school. Schools for decades recognize that by offering music to their students (particularly at a young age), students will develop musically, academically, and socially. It has been proven that students who participate in quality music programs have:

  • Scored higher on standardized tests and SATs;
  • Maintained higher graduation rates;
  • Developed stronger math skills;
  • Developed better socially; and
  • Developed creative skills necessary for the 21st century workplace.

Parent are keenly aware of this, which is why parents of students participating in school music programs so passionately defend these programs and their benefits in public schools across the country.

Northeastern Music Programs can provide a turnkey solution for schools wishing to add instrumental or classroom music to their offerings at a nominal (classroom music) or no cost (instrumental) to the school. One of the big benefits to using Northeastern Music is that as your program grows, our teachers can adjust their time commitments and can offer additional time where needed.

To inquire about starting a program with Northeastern Music, please contact us.