Our Complete Instrumental Music Program

Northeastern Music Programs, in conjunction with our parent company Menchey Music Service, offers a simple and complete one stop solution for your child’s/children’s instrumental music education in participating schools. We can provide your students with the instruction, the performance opportunities, a quality instrument, and a hassle free weekly delivery service to your child’s school for any instrument repair or product needs.


Participation in our Instrumental Music Program includes the following:

Group Lessons

Your child will participate in semi private/group lessons once a week during school. Advanced students will begin at the beginning of the school year, and beginners’ lessons will begin once they receive an instrument.

Band/Orchestra Rehearsals

In addition to semi private/group lessons, your child will also participate in band/orchestra. Rehearsals for advanced players start at the beginning of the school year, beginners typically begin rehearsals with 4-8 weeks of their first lessons.

Performance opportunities

Students in the Northeastern Music Program will have numerous opportunities to perform including school concerts and possibly outside events. Advanced students may also qualify to participate in the Honor’s Band and the National Catholic Band Association competition.

Program Requirements

Program Tuition

Students participating in the program must enroll prior to their first lesson. Tuition for the school year may be paid in 8 monthly installments (September, then November through May billed on the first of the month), or for the entire school year (if school year option is paid by Oct 1, participants qualify for a 10% tuition discount). Tuition is as follows:

8 Monthly Payments of

Annual Payment (before October 1 – 10% early bird discount))

Annual Payment (on or after October 1)

Single Student Rate$76.50$550.80$612.00
Family Rate (2 or more students*)


$826.20 $918.00

*To qualify for the family rate, two or more students must be siblings, must live in the same household, must attend the same school and must have the same caregiver/responsible party.

Parents may enroll their students using the following methods:

  • Online enrollment: The most common way to enroll your student is to complete the online enrollment process. Credit or debit card required.
  • Complete a paper enrollment form: Parents may also download our Enrollment form and fax/mail to our corporate offices at:

Northeastern Music Programs
P.O. Box 474
Hanover PA 17331
Fax: (717) 637-1978

  • Contact us by phone: Parents may enroll over the phone by contacting us at 888-636-2439. Credit or debit card required.

A musical instrument

Participating students are required to obtain a quality musical instrument prior to their participation in the program. Instruments of sub par quality can unnecessarily consume teaching time (we would prefer that our teachers spend their time teaching, not fixing sub standard instruments!), can negatively impact the overall sound quality of the band, and can ultimately discourage students from playing altogether. Parents are encouraged to rent or purchase a musical instrument from a reputable dealer. 

Northeastern Music is able to offer parents a very convenient option for obtaining a musical instrument: our parent company, Menchey Music Service, provides a high-quality musical instrument rental program. Benefits of this turnkey program include:

  • High-quality teacher approved instruments
  • A flexible Rent to Own plan with competitive rates including a multi month trial period
  • Instrument delivery (with all the required books and accessories) to your child’s school BEFORE their first lesson
  • Regular weekly service rep visit (pick up and drop off to the school) so parents will never need to visit a store location
  • One point of contact for both their program tuition and instrument

Parents may rent an instrument using one of the following methods:

  • Online: The most common way to rent an instrument is through our online rental program. Credit or debit card required.
  • Complete a paper form: Parents may have received a green paper reservation form at one of our parent nights and can fax/mail to our corporate offices at:

Northeastern Music Programs
P.O. Box 474
Hanover PA 17331
Fax: (717) 637-1978 

  • Contact us by phone: Parents may enroll over the phone by contacting us at (888) 636-2439. Credit or debit card required.